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Medicines Use Reviews
It’s all too technical – No, not at all.

We understand that it is not always possible to ask your GP questions about your medications. Perhaps you or your GP do not have the time to discuss your medicines, or maybe it's all too technical, or perhaps you feel uncomfortable questioning your GP.

So, let us help you understand.

We, at Britannia Pharmacy offer a Free NHS Medicines Use Review (MUR) service by accredited pharmacists, to patients who have been using our pharmacy for atleast the last 3 months.

Our pharmacist will be happy to talk to you about your medication and answer any questions that you may have, to -

Help you understand what your medicines are for and why you need to take them.

Ensure that you are taking your medicines correctly to get the maximum benefit.

Check if your medicines are giving you any side effects, and

We will also give you advice on how to overcome any problems you may be experiencing.

Because this is more than a casual chat, it is necessary to book an appointment first. This will enable us to give you our undivided attention and dedication for a one to one consultation in the privacy of a private consultation room. Our pharmacist will write a report of the review for you and also send a copy to your GP if any changes are recommended by the pharmacist.

The Medicine Use Review service is available in all our branches. For more information or to book an appointment you may contact us or speak to our pharmacist at your local Britannia Pharmacy branch directly.

To locate a branch near you, simply click here or visit the branch locator page