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Complete Care Home Service Package
Serving Because We Care

We provide a complete medication supply, handling, administration, support and training package to care homes, giving carers complete peace of mind and comfort.

Our unique "5R" programme will help carers to administer; the right medication, to the right person, using the right dose, at the right time, and on the correct records.

These are just some of the services included in the package:

Supply of patient medication in your preferred choice of Monitored Dosage System (MDS), Nomad or Blister Packs, most suited for your patient and home.

Supply of medication in a suitable 'form' to assist patients.

Prescription collection service from the patient's surgery.

Guidance on administration of different formulations and supply of all types of dressings and stoma appliances.

An efficient, secure and professional daily medication delivery service to suit the carer.

Professional record handling system, audit trail programme, yearly prescription planners, MAR sheets and free monthly patient leaflets.

Disposal of unwanted medicines from residential and domiciliary Homes. In line with Waste Legislations, we are not permitted to pick up any drug waste from nursing homes.

Pharmaceutical advice and support from our care co-ordinator.

Regular compliance visits by our pharmacist.

NHS Smoking Cessation Service by our accredited advisors.

Initial and ongoing staff training for nurses and care workers in handling, managing and administering patient medication.

For more information, please click here to contact us electronically, or you may call Sandy Channa, our care co-ordinator on 020 8709 2727.

We will be happy to visit you to discuss your requirements directly.